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It has been described as an aquatic paradise in the mountains. It contains lush vegetation and rocks. It houses natural tropical vegetation never before seen in the Alps. It holds one of the oldest mahogany trees in the world (350 years old) and it has lots and lots of water slides. Avoriaz's Aquariaz opened at the beginning of July and is the first of its kind in the Alps - a hybrid concept of creating a water park that offers natural tropical vegetation in mountain surroundings. This unique mountain water park includes a 'fun river' that winds through lush tropical vegetation (1570 plants and 183 trees), a slidewinder (a water half-pipe), a paddling pool, a large pool with climbing walls, massage benches and an open-air spa heated to 34°C. With uninterrupted views of the valley, this water park is hard to beat. The water park The official literature explains that the water park is made up of three different worlds: “The first world, the fun and colourful Water Playhouse, is for younger children and features geysers and pouring-water play equipment including water slides, water guns and a tipping bucket that pours out tens of litres of water at a time. This extends into a large paddling pool” “The second world, the Sidewinder, is for the most adventurous bathers who are looking for big thrills and an adrenaline buzz. More than 10 metres up, you sit in a rubber tube and slide down a half-pipe, returning to terra firma after a long ride down” “The third world, in the central pool for bathers of all ages, is made up of three sections. A gently flowing river with water games (bubbles, jets and faster and slower sections) with two areas of bubble-massage seats along the way; a swimming pool, and a deep pool below a climbing wall”. Eco-Friendly In addition to the unique tropical habitat, the water in the building is warmed using an eco-friendly, biomass boiler heating system. This innovative solution allows Avoriaz to carefully control the energy consumption whilst remaining very energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The Ecology No other project in Europe has gone to such lengths to acclimatise tropical plants to an environment so far removed from their natural equatorial habitat. Plants were imported from Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia - all of them requiring intensive acclimatisation to ensure they survived the aggressive change in conditions. It's the only complex of its kind to be built at an altitude of 1800m and was a technical challenge to ensure the rare tropical plants and trees adjusted to the change. The Verdict It's hard to put together a mix of careful ecological planning, environmental sustainability, and water slides, but Avoriaz has done so in a truly ground breaking way - and an affordable way. Entrance tariffs to the park start at 2 euros a day meaning it's truly accessible to all. Tariffs The Multipass Premium provides you an unlimited access to a multitude of activities at 2€ per day per person. Aquariaz is part of this offer. Alternatively the tariffs are below. Aquariaz is open every day from 10:30am - 19:30pm.
Aquariaz price guide
One entry for adult € 8
One entry for child (5-12 years old) € 5
Week pass for adult € 40
Week pass for child (5-12 years old) € 20
Week pass for apartments owners € 30
Aquagym Lesson + entry € 13
Aquagym 6 days pass € 60
For more information - http://www.avoriaz.com/en/things-do/family-activites/aquariaz

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