The Arts in Chamonix

There is sometimes a preconception that when you head for the mountains you say hello to nature and goodbye to all things artistic. This winter season Chamonix is once again holding its head high not only as the winter sports capital of all things extreme but as a capital of culture. Here are a few of the exhibitions currently running there. Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000226 EndHTML:0000004345 StartFragment:0000002711 EndFragment:0000004309 SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/rhiannoncook/Documents/Microsoft%20User%20Data/Saved%20Attachments/Blog%203%5B1%5D.doc Of Glaciers & Men - Until 30 June 2010 Exhibition explaining the many issues that are threatening the glaciers and the relationship mankind has with them explaining this with a collection of over 250 photos. This exhibition is held at, Espace Tairraz, Esplanade St Michel 615 allée du Recteur Payot. Tel 04 50 55 53 93. Entrance fee €1.50-€3.20 Mountain Dreams - Until 15 April 2010 Exhibition of paintings by the artist Cat Kartal on the theme of the mountains and how they inspire her paintings. This exhibition is free and is been held at Hôtel le Prieuré, Al du Recteur Payot and is open every day. J.P Rémon - Until 15 April 2010 Exhibition of the paintings by this celebrated Parisian artist. The exhibition paintings feature mainly the many seasons of Chamonix, and is been held at Hôtel Alpina , 79 av du Mont Blanc with free entry every day. Jazz Art - Until 9 May 2010 Exhibition of paintings by Patrick Varin. The paintings feature the many music festivals particularly jazz that inspires his work. The event is located at Hôtel le Hameau Albert 1er, 38 route du Bouchet and is free to enter every day. Property in the alps:

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